Montessori vs. Traditional Education

The Montessori approach is vastly different than traditional means of teaching that you will find in most classrooms. Developed by Maria Montessori, the approach is scientifically based and has been used for over 100 years. The fundamental principle of Maria Montessori’s method is to value a child’s naturally inquisitive and developing mind to foster learning in an intuitive and natural way.


Montessori classrooms are prepared thoughtfully by trained instructors in a way that encourages learners to explore for themselves. Children in these classrooms are guided to make their own discoveries, as well as gain a sense of independence. The teacher is there to provide help along the way.


The Montessori approach seeks to maximize development at a healthy pace. Younger children may learn and socialize with older children, while the older students help solidify concepts and ideas by teaching them to younger students. This way, no child is limited by his or her age group, and every student has opportunities to learn.


The materials chosen for the Montessori approach are carefully considered, both for fostering peer learning and for providing an aesthetically pleasing environment. Click here to learn more about materials used in Montessori classrooms.